Broeren Russo Field Staff

Chad Dalton
Vice President of Field Operations

Chad Dalton knew he joined a great team when he came to Broeren Russo several years ago. “The craftsmanship and the management are real strengths of this company,” he said. As Vice President of Field Operations for Broeren Russo, Chad oversees manpower, tools and equipment on each of the projects where he has responsibilities. His priority is to make decisions that help the Project Manager, the Foremen on the job, and ultimately the client. Chad’s ability to understand the work at hand allows him to assign the right staff to complete the work on time and within budget.


Josh Kuhn


Josh Kuhn joined the Broeren Russo team in 2015 as a Project Engineer and Assistant Superintendent.  A graduate of Illinois State University in Construction Management, Josh also has experience in residential carpentry and excavation.  Because Josh is usually involved in several small projects at once, his daily tasks involve communication and coordination with various subcontractors, superintendents, architects and owners. “I enjoy being a part of all the different jobs that we have,” Josh notes.


Jim Smith

“We have a great mix of dedicated people who truly care about doing things right the first time,” explains Jim Smith. Jim has been a Superintendent with the Broeren Russo team for over a decade, and served in the Superintendent role for another decade prior to
coming to BR. His role at Broeren Russo involves responsibilities for all of the finish work. His team’s finish work and attention
to detail creates the first impression of the completed job. “Broeren Russo is a company that values staying on schedule,” he says. “It is my job to stay ahead of all of the other trades to allow the job to finish on time.”


Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams, Superintendent, has been a part of the Broeren Russo team since the beginning. Over the past 40 years, he has worn many hats and enjoyed learning from a variety of construction experiences. Kevin’s daily responsibilities include quality control and subcontractor coordination. He states, “Broeren Russo Builders, Inc. has been a great company to work for throughout my career.” In addition to his managerial experiences as a Superintendent, Kevin relies on his technical knowledge to support the Broeren Russo team through the operation of cranes and other large construction equipment.

Kevin Cheuvront

Kevin Cheuvront joined Broeren Russo Builders, Inc. after spending nearly 30 years in the construction industry. He draws on his experience as a Brick Mason, custom home builder, and commercial builder to successfully lead his on-site team. As Superintendent, Kevin’s goal is to ensure the project is on schedule and completed to the highest quality of craftsmanship possible. On a daily basis, Kevin maintains jobsite safety, coordinates activities and worker schedules, holds the trade subcontractors accountable, and supervises construction activities to ensure project success.

Robert Durst
General Foreman

Robert Durst joined the Broeren Russo team in 2009 as a General Foreman. He draws on over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He draws from his knowledge gained over 25 years as a union carpenter, as well as time spent as a siding and roofing subcontractor. Robert notes, “it is my goal to make each client happy by providing a high-quality, top-notch finished product.” He is confident that he can consistently reach that goal  because “Broeren Russo Builders, Inc. is a stable, solid company with strong leadership.”

Scott Roberts
General Foreman

Scott Roberts explains that he joined the Broeren Russo team because he appreciates “the level of professionalism and care to detail put into their projects.” As a General Foreman, Scott is excited to help complete projects with excellence. Scott has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He is proud to be a union worker, and has served as a General Foreman on many of the larger Broeren Russo projects completed in the past 15 years. On a daily basis, Scott is responsible for reading blueprints, ordering materials, coordinating with all trades, managing delivery logistics, and instructing carpenters on the jobsite.

Josh Stockwill
General Foreman

As a General Foreman, Josh is excited to be a part of the Broeren Russo field team. Josh has been a member of the carpenters local union for nearly 20 years, and draws on his varied experiences to make sure work is done right and on time. He specializes in interior systems, ceilings, cabinets, trim, and all finishes. When asked about his decision to join the Broeren Russo team, Josh notes, “BR is a very well-established company in our community, with a great management team and field staff.” His goal each day is to maintain a clean and safe work environment, so each job can be completed on time and with the highest level of quality.

Joe Smith
General Foreman

Joe Smith joined the Broeren Russo team in 2012 and serves as a General Foreman. He describes Broeren Russo Builders Inc. as “a strong company that truly cares and considers all of the employees as family.” Joe has been involved in the residential and commercial construction industry for 32 years, including 23 years in the carpenters local union. He has hands-on experience with roofing, concrete pouring, and carpentry. Commercial doors and hardware are his area of expertise, and Joe also often completes trim and finish work.

Blake Swanson
Laborer Foreman

Blake Swanson, Laborer Foreman for Broeren Russo Builders, Inc. enjoys the variety of daily tasks that his position entails. “I really like
working with the Broeren Russo team in different ways on each job.” Blake has been a Laborer for the past 17 years, and has a unique ability to look at a job, identify what tasks take priority, and get those items completed in a timely manner. When asked about his decision to join the Broeren Russo team, Blake notes, “I have always enjoyed working with this group, especially the variety of work we are able to do. I am excited to be a part of the field team at Broeren Russo.”