Broeren Russo Office Staff

Karen Cooley
Chief Financial Officer


As Chief Financial Officer at Broeren Russo, Karen Cooley gets to see the big picture of what is happening at Broeren Russo, how it all comes together, and the outcome of the company’s efforts. “It’s very rewarding to see the fruits of our hard work,” she notes. Karen’s responsibilities include reviewing all financial documents for accuracy, providing company financial statements, and overseeing the entire accounting department including an annual audit.


Kelly Small
Accounts Payable Manager


“It’s rewarding to streamline our billing process and ensure our vendors and subcontractors are funded as quickly as possible.  I enjoy being an integral part of maintaining good vendor and client relationships, and ultimately supporting a project’s success.”  As Accounts Payable Manager, Kelly Small develops a great relationship with Broeren Russo vendors and subcontractors and works directly with the owners and title companies to provide the required documents needed for project funding.


Amy Bergman
HR Administrator / Procurement

When asked about her role at Broeren Russo, Amy Bergman notes, “I like that every day is different with new challenges.”  As the Procurement and Human Resources Administrator, Amy has the unique opportunity of interacting with all Broeren Russo projects in some capacity from bidding through final completion.  Amy assists project managers and estimators with information management and distribution, works on pre- and post-bid document control, and serves as a contact point for contract administration.


Brenda Adams
Office Administrator


Brenda Adams has been working for Broeren Russo for over 30 years, currently serving as Office Administrator.  Brenda is proud of the ability of the office staff to blend their talents and resources to ensure that Broeren Russo always produces thorough and accurate documents and reports. “We have a great group of employees, and being part of Broeren Russo’s office support staff is a rewarding experience daily.  I also enjoy interaction with clients and subcontractors, and am proud to be part of such a first-class company.”


Thomas Peisker
Office Assistant


“Broeren Russo is a company with a perfect marriage of ability and integrity,” notes Thomas Peisker, Office Assistant. Thomas performs a variety of daily tasks to ensure the success of Broeren Russo projects. He also plays a role in promoting the many strengths of the Broeren Russo team and providing support for all office activities.