2017 Mentorship in the Trades Program

Broeren Russo Builders is the premier construction management firm in the Champaign-Urbana area and is celebrating 40 years of excellence in Construction Management, General Contracting and Design-Build services by giving back to the community that makes it all possible. We seek to continue our commitment to improving our community by investing in the lives and education of youth in this community. This mentorship program will provide young men and women with an invaluable inside-look into trade careers like carpentry & joining, ironworking, plumbing & pipefitting, and electrical work, as well as the engineering and management aspects of construction. We have partnered with Prosperity Gardens, a local urban farming non-profit, to give accepted applicants hands-on experience building their new wash and pack facility, to be used for their summer program in which they grow and farm produce. Mentees will be paired with Broeren Russo leaders while completing real projects on a live construction site. Mentees will learn valuable skills and receive one-on-one attention from some of our most experienced trade professionals. Mentees will have the chance to build a lasting relationship with a trade professional, network with possible future employers and team members, earn a valuable OSHA certification, and more.

Applicant Requirements:

• Have a real interest in working in the trades
• A positive attitude and willingness to be taught
• Detail oriented and attentive (as some activities may present a safety risk)
• At least age 16
• Enrolled in a Champaign or Urbana high school
• Be able to commit to 40 hours from program start to finish

There is a shortfall in female and minority entrance into trade careers in Champaign-Urbana and nationally. Though all applications will be accepted, priority will be given to applicants from underrepresented demographics.

Application Materials

The application form can be completed in Microsoft Word (preferred method) or by hand. The completed applications can be turned into high school counselors, be submitted to Thomas Peisker at tpeisker@broeren-russo.com, or arranged for alternate submission (contact us). Please, attach .docx or scanned .pdf documents to an email titled “Mentorship Program Application” and the applicant’s last name. (For example: Mentorship Program Application – Smith) If there are any questions, contact Jaime Jones at jjones@broeren-russo.com or 708-557-8480; or Thomas Peisker at tpeisker@broeren-russo.com.

The deadline for application is April 3rd, 2017.
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General Inquiries:
Please submit this form online,
or contact us at:

Broeren Russo Builders
602 N. Country Fair Drive, Suite A
Champaign, IL 61826

Telephone: 217-352-4232
Fax: 217-352-0307

Resumés may be mailed attn: Brenda Adams
or via email to: badams@broeren-russo.com

Individual contact information:

  • Stu Broeren: sbroeren@broeren-russo.com
    John Russo: jrusso@broeren-russo.com
    Jim Lopez: jimlopez@broeren-russo.com
    Sky Sanborn: ssanborn@broeren-russo.com
  • Michael Broeren: mbroeren@broeren-russo.com
    Austin Hogue: ahogue@broeren-russo.com
    Scott Browning: sbrowning@broeren-russo.com
    Brent Moore: bmoore@broeren-russo.com
    Michael Hernandez: mhernandez@broeren-russo.com
    Josh Kuhn: jkuhn@broeren-russo.com
    Abishek Kadur: akadur@broeren-russo.com
    Shawn Reinhard: sreinhard@broeren-russo.com
    Thomas Peisker: tpeisker@broeren-russo.com
    Gokhul Ranganath: granganath@broeren-russo.com
  • Bud Ward: bward@broeren-russo.com
    Jim Smith: jsmith@broeren-russo.com
    Chad Dalton: cdalton@broeren-russo.com
    Nathan Richards: nrichards@broeren-russo.com
  • Amy Bergman: abergman@broeren-russo.com
    Karen Cooley: kcooley@broeren-russo.com
    Brenda Adams: badams@broeren-russo.com
    Kelly Small: ksmall@broeren-russo.com
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